Day 1 - Thursday, 23rd March

19.00h – 20.30h OPENING CEREMONY for “What Makes Us a Remarkable Brand?”

  • Mr Pavle Radulovic, Minister of Sustainable Development and Tourism, Montenegro
  • Mr Zarko Radulovic, President of the Montenegrin Tourism Association (CTU)/li>
  • Mr Vicente Torres Ferrer, Minister of Tourism, Ibiza, Spain
  • Mr Predrag Jelusic, Director of the PE “Morsko Dobro”, Montenegro
  • Mr Alexander Schneider, General Manager at Nikki Beach Resort & Spa, Dubai, UAE
Moderator: Mr Vuk Brajovic, VIBER Executive Representative for South East Europe

20.30h - 21.30h Welcome cocktail reception by Plantaze 13 Jul

Day 2 - Friday 24th March

11.00h – 12.30h Private-public Partnership as a Platform for Destination Marketing

  • Ms Zeljka Radak Kukavicic, CEO of the National Tourism Organisation of Montenegro
  • Ms Jelena Gluscevic, CEO of the Budva Tourism Organisation, Montenegro/li>
  • Ms Vesna Karanavic, CEO of the Pag Tourist Board, Croatia
  • Mr Predrag Lekovic, Owner and Director, Almara Beach Club, Montenegro
  • Mr Saša Stipic, Director Noa Beach Club Zrće, Pag, Croatia
  • Mr Vuk Brajovic, VIBER Executive Representative for South East Europe
Moderator: Mr Robert Coban, President, Color Press Group, Serbia

12.30h – 13.30h Coffe break by Segafredo

13.30h – 14.30h Entertainment as a Destination Product

  • Mr Dusan Kovacevic, Co-founder, EXIT and SEA Dance Festival, Serbia
  • Mr Andrea Bassi, Manager, South Kensington Club London, UK
  • Mr Jean Albert Vergnaud, Co-founder, Monaco International Clubbing Show MICS, Monaco
  • Mr Mikhail Loskutov, Art Director Satchi & Satchi Moscow, Russia
  • Mr Zola Zolbayar, Events Director, Playboy Club, London, UK
  • Mr Marko Pavlovic, Founder of the Southern Soul Festival, Ulcinj, Montenegro
  • Mr Carlos Rodriguez Uriach, Founder St. Trop Barcelona, Spain
Moderator: Prof Bojan Zecevic, Faculty of Economics Belgrade, Serbia

14.30h - 15.30h Lunch break in Partnership with Niksic Brewery

21.00h – 22.00h UK Panel Party Warm-up “More than entertainment – communicating brand value”

  • Mr Tom Eulenberg, Owner, Cirque Le Soir, UK
  • Ms Sara Hyde, Global Brand Director, Mahiki Club/Bar, UK
  • Mr Georgi Radev, Best Bartender of 2015 and Ambassador Bacardi, UK
  • Mr Nicolo Mascitti, Founder of Empire vodka, UK
  • Ms Julia Titova, Founder of Miss USSR Beauty Competition, UK
Moderator: Mr. Mark Armstrong, Founder of London Club & Bar Awards, UK

22.00h Disco Party in partnership with G3 spirits

Day 3 - Saturday, 25th March

10.00h – 11.30h Standards in Beach Management

  • Mr Javier Vall, CEO, DPT21, Barcelona, Spain
  • Ms Morena Galesic, Faculty of construction, architecture and geodesy, Split, Croatia
  • Mr Jeremie Leca, Department for Beach Management, Marseille, France
  • Mr Sinisa Topalovic, Director Horwath HTL,Croatia (TBC)
  • Ms Olga Sedioli, General Directorate for Environmental Protection, Regia Emilia Romagna, Italia (TBC)
Moderator: Dragoljub Markovic, Assistant Director JP “Morsko dobro”, Montenegro

11.30h - 12.00h Coffe break by Segafredo

13.00h – 14.00h Destination USP Perspectives

  • Mr Vuko Mitrovic, Association of Kitchen Chefs, Montenegro
  • Mr Bruno Trapan, Trapan Winery Istria, Croatia
  • Mr Goran Kovacevic, General Manager, Square Nine Hotel, Belgrade, Serbia
  • Mr Vladimir Kovac, Faculty of Architecture, Belgrade, Serbia
  • Mr Silvain Fetzmann, Development Director at the Berkmann Wine Cellars, London, UK
Moderator: Ms Marijana Brdovnik, CEO and co-founder, Travel PR & Travel Branding Agency Zagreb, Croatia

Download MIBES 2017 program in PDF

Montenegro International Beach Entertainment Show - 23 - 25 March, 2017
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Montenegro – Budva, Hotel Splendid Conference & SPA *****

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